Under where?


Who knew there were so many books about underwear?


Babies and Bubbles

During each of my Babytime programs, I like to provide an opportunity for the children to play with bubbles. I want for families to try this activity out at home; so, I have included the bubble recipe that I use  at the bottom of this blog. 


Ghoulish Delights for Monsters Everywhere

Fall is in the air and its time to do the Monster Mash; I have chosen both classic and new children’s books that I think you will enjoy. Visit the library and checkout a few of these great choices.  

R.L. Stine and Marc Brown. The Little Shop of Monsters


You may have noticed that there's a big election coming up. Here are some books that explain (sort of) what's going on.




What a mess!

Is this you or someone you know? Here are some books that will provide some bibliotherapy:



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