Ghoulish Delights for Monsters Everywhere

Fall is in the air and its time to do the Monster Mash; I have chosen both classic and new children’s books that I think you will enjoy. Visit the library and checkout a few of these great choices.  

R.L. Stine and Marc Brown. The Little Shop of Monsters


You may have noticed that there's a big election coming up. Here are some books that explain (sort of) what's going on.




What a mess!

Is this you or someone you know? Here are some books that will provide some bibliotherapy:




Who knew there were so many stories about crayons? Several knew ones have come in lately, so here's a list of new ones and old ones.

School Days

Many children have anxiety about starting school. Luckily, parents can help ease their fears simply by talking with your children about upcoming events and reading books with them. Here are a few books that might find helpful. 


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