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The American Girls

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Kaya, 1764

An adventurous Nez Perce girl whose deep love for horses and respect for nature nourish her spirit.

Meet Kaya:  An American Girl

In 1764, when Kaya and her family reunite with other Nez Percé Indians to fish for the red salmon, she learns that bragging, even about her swift horse, can lead to trouble. Includes historical notes on the Nez Percé Indians.

Kaya's Escape:  A Survival Story

In the fall of 1764, after Kaya and her sister are kidnapped from their Nez Percé village by enemy horse raiders, she tries to find a way to escape back home. Includes historical notes on education and learning among the Nez Percé Indians.

Kaya's Hero:  A Story of Giving

In 1764, Kaya greatly admires a courageous and kind young woman in her Nez Percé village and wants to be worthy of her respect. Includes historical notes on the winter activities of the Nez Percé Indians, including ceremonies and crafts.

Kaya and Lone Dog:  A Friendship Story

Still grieving over the death of her hero, and missing her stolen horse and kidnapped younger sister, Kaya tries to earn the trust of a lone and starving dog who is about to have puppies. Includes historical notes on Nez Percé children.

Kaya Shows the Way:  A Sister Story

When Kaya and her family join with other Nez Percé and Salish Indians to fish for the red salmon, she and her older sister hope to be reunited with their younger sister, who had been kidnapped some time before. Includes historical notes on the summer activities of the Nez Percé Indians.

Changes for Kaya:  A Story of Courage

While looking for Steps High, the horse that had been stolen from her, Kaya faces danger from a sudden mountain fire. Includes historical notes on the Nez Percé Indians.


Felicity, 1774

A spunky, spritely colonial girl, full of energy and independence.

Meet Felicity:  An American Girl

In Colonial Williamsburg in 1774, nine-year-old Felicity rescues a beautiful horse who is being beaten and starved by her cruel owner.

Felicity Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

Shortly before the Revolutionary War, nine-year-old Felicity , who lives in Williamsburg, is torn between supporting the tariff-induced tea boycott and saving her friendship with Elizabeth, a young loyalist from England.

Felicity's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

Christmas in Williamsburg means a dancing party at the Governor's Palace for Felicity, but her mother becomes very ill and cannot finish the special blue gown.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!:   A Springtime Story

As her tenth birthday approaches, Felicity is excited by her grandfather's visit, but she is also concerned about the growing tensions between the colonists and the British governor in Williamsburg.

Felicity Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

During a visit to her grandfather's plantation in Virginia during the summer of 1775, Felicity 's loyalty is torn between her father and Ben, her father's apprentice who needs her help as he runs away to join George Washington's army of Patriots.

Changes for Felicity:  A Winter Story

The outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1775 brings drastic changes to Felicity 's life in Williamsburg, affecting both her family and her friendship with Elizabeth.

Josefina, 1824

An Hispanic girl whose heart and hopes are as big as the New Mexico sky.

Meet Josefina:  An American Girl

Nine-year-old Josefina , the youngest of four sisters living in New Mexico in 1824, tries to help run the household after her mother dies.

Josefina Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

Josefina and her sisters distrust learning to read and write, as well as other changes their Tía Dolores is bringing to the household, because they fear they will lose their memories of their mother.

Josefina's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

The second Christmas after their mother has died, Josefina and her three sisters find that participating in the traditions of Las Posadas helps keep memories of Mamá alive.

Happy Birthday, Josefina!:  A Springtime Story

Josefina hopes to become a "curandera" or healer like Tía Magdalena, and she is tested just before her tenth birthday when a friend receives a potentially fatal snakebite.

Josefina Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

In 1825 when Josefina trusts a trader in Santa Fe with an important deal, she makes a surprising discovery about this young American who leaves town without paying her.

Changes for Josefina:  A Winter Story

When Tía Dolores, the beloved aunt who has cared for the Montoya family since the death of their mother, announces that she is planning to leave, Josefina and her sisters try to find a way to change her mind.


Kirsten, 1854

A pioneer girl of strength and spirit who settles on the frontier.

Meet Kirsten:  An American Girl

Nine-year-old Kirsten and her family experience many hardships as they travel from Sweden to the Minnesota frontier in 1854.

Kirsten Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

After immigrating from Sweden to join relatives in an American prairie community, Kirsten endures the ordeal of a strange school through a secret friendship with an Indian girl.

Kirsten's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

Kirsten and her family celebrate their first Christmas in their new home on Uncle Olav's farm in mid-nineteenth-century Minnesota.

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!:  A Springtime Story

On a Minnesota farm in the mid 1800's, the hard working members of the Larson family find time to celebrate Kirsten 's tenth birthday .

Kirsten Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

Ten-year-old Kirsten is proud and excited when she finds a bee tree full of honey, one of the natural treasures of her Minnesota frontier world, but she exposes herself to great danger by trying to harvest the honey by herself.

Changes for Kirsten:  A Winter Story

A tough Minnesota winter brings many changes to Kirsten 's frontier life, including the new responsibility of helping her brother Lars set his traps and a move into a new house for her family.


Addy, 1864

A courageous girl determined to be free in the midst of the Civil War.

Meet Addy:  An American Girl

In 1864, after her father and brother are sold to another owner, nine-year-old Addy Walker and her mother escape from their cruel life as slaves in North Carolina to freedom in Philadelphia.

Addy Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

After their escape from North Carolina to Philadelphia in the summer of 1864, Addy and her mother begin their new life as free people as her mother gets a paying job and Addy goes to school and learns a lesson in true friendship.

Addy's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

Addy and her mother forgo their Christmas plans to help the newly freed slaves arriving in Philadelphia during the Civil War.

Happy Birthday, Addy!:  A Springtime Story

In the spring of 1865, Addy finds inspiration from a new friend and chooses a birthday for herself as she and her parents try to shape a new life of freedom in Philadelphia despite the racial prejudice they encounter throughout the city.

Addy Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

Addy and Harriet feud over everything, including fund-raising plans to help the families of freed slaves, but tragedy finally forces them to stop fighting and work together.

Changes for Addy:  A Winter Story

With the end of the Civil War in 1865, Addy desperately hopes that her family will be reunited in freedom in Philadelphia, but the future may hold both happiness and heartache.


Samantha, 1904

A bright Victorian beauty, an orphan raised by her wealthy grandmother.

Meet Samantha:  An American Girl

In 1904, nine-year-old Samantha , an orphan living with her wealthy grandmother, and her servant friend Nellie have a midnight adventure when they try to find out what has happened to the seamstress who suddenly left her job.

Samantha Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

When nine-year-old Nellie begins to attend school, Samantha determines to help her with her schoolwork and learns a great deal herself about what it is like to be a poor child and work in a factory.

Samantha's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

The two weeks before Christmas are filled with activity as Samantha finishes her homemade presents and makes preparations for visiting relatives.

Happy Birthday Samantha!:  A Springtime Story

When Samantha 's tenth birthday party is spoiled by the boy next door, Aunt Cornelia and her young twin sisters try to ease Samantha 's disappointment by inviting her and Grandmary to visit them in New York City.

Samantha Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

While spending the summer at Grandmary's summer home on Goose Lake, Samantha and her twin cousins decide to visit the island where Samantha 's parents were drowned during a storm.

Changes for Samantha:  A Winter Story

When she discovers that Nellie and her sisters have been sent to an orphanage, Samantha , now living with her aunt and uncle in New York City, tries to help her friends as much as she can.


Kit, 1934

A clever, resourceful girl facing the Great Depression with spirit and determination.

Meet Kit:  An American Girl

When her father's business closes because of the Great Depression forcing Kit to make changes in her life, the nine-year-old responds with resourcefulness.

Kit Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

In 1934 Kit finds that she has hard lessons to learn about the Depression both at home, where she is helping her mother run a boarding house while her father looks for a new job, and at school, where a fight spoils the preparations for the Thanksgiving pageant.

Kit's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

In 1932, Kit faces a very different Christmas because of her family's financial problems and allows her pride to estrange her from her best friend.

Happy Birthday, Kit!:  A Springtime Story

On a visit to Cincinnati from rural Kentucky during the Great Depression, Aunt Millie impresses Kit with her money-saving cleverness. Includes information on life in America during the Great Depression.

Kit Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

Tired of doing chores and longing for adventure during the Great Depression, Kit meets a hobo and decides to hop a freight train.

Changes for Kit:  A Winter Story

In 1934, during the Depression, Kit 's cantankerous uncle comes to live in the Cincinnati boardinghouse run by her parents, enlisting her aid in transcribing his complaining letters to the editor of the local newspaper and inspiring her to write a different kind of letter of her own.


Molly, 1944

A spirited, imaginative girl who schemes and dreams on the home front during World War II.

Meet Molly:  An American Girl

While her father is away fighting in World War II, Molly finds her life full of change as she eats terrible vegetables from the victory garden and plans revenge on her brother for ruining her Halloween.

Molly Learns a Lesson:  A School Story

During World War II, nine-year-old Molly goes to school and with her friends tries to aid the war effort.

Molly's Surprise:  A Christmas Story

Even though he is away serving in an English hospital during World War II, Molly's father finds a way to make the family Christmas very special.

Happy Birthday, Molly!:  A Springtime Story

When an English girl comes to stay at Molly 's during World War II, she and Molly learn to bridge their differences and ultimately enjoy a wonderful, mutual birthday party.

Molly Saves the Day:  A Summer Story

Molly conquers her fear of swimming underwater when she and the other campers at Camp Gowonagin divide into two teams to play Color War.

Changes for Molly:  A Winter Story

Molly 's excitement at performing in a big show is exceeded only by the announcement that her father is returning home from the war.