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Books About Kids in First Grade


Lillian Hoban.  Arthur's Prize Reader

Although Arthur loses the Super Chimp Club contest, his pupil, sister Violet, wins the first grade reading competition and a prize for them both.

Carolyn Haywood.  Away Went the Balloons

Some of the balloons released on Balloon Day by the Blue Bell School first graders go to very special people and places.

Carolyn Haywood.  "C" is for Cupcake

Adventures of Christie, her rabbit, Cupcake, and other members of her first grade class.

Margaret McNamara.  The Counting Race

When Mrs. Connor challenges her first grade students to count to ten in less than one second, they work together and find a way to count that will beat the clock.

Peter Catalanotto.  Emily's Art

Emily paints four pictures and enters one in the first-grade art contest, but the judge interprets Emily's entry as a rabbit instead of a dog.

Johanna Hurwitz.  Ever Clever Elisa

The year Elisa enters the first grade is filled with exciting times at school and special celebrations at home.

Robert M. Quackenbush.  First Grade Jitters

A small boy wonders what first grade will be like, but isn't sure that he wants to find out.

Karen Lynn Williams.  First Grade King

Relates the experiences first -grader Joey King has at school: making friends, learning to read, and dealing with the class bully.

Shana Corey.  First Graders From Mars:  Episode 1, Horus's

Horrible Day   As the school year begins on Mars, Horus the Martian gets off to a rocky start, but soon discovers that first grade is not really as bad as he thought.

Joanne Ryder.  Hello, First Grade

Mrs. Lee's class decides to call themselves the first grade bunnies after their beloved pet rabbit Martha. Includes instructions for making a rabbit puppet.

Miriam Cohen.  It's George!

Although George's classmates are well aware that he is not the smartest student in the first grade, they are proud to know him when his fast action in an emergency saves an elderly friend's life.

Miriam Cohen.  Jim Meets the Thing

The only one in first grade afraid of The Thing, Jim overcomes his fear on the playground.

Miriam Cohen.  Jim's Dog, Muffins

When Jim's dog is killed, the other first graders experience with him his natural reactions to death.

Barbara Park.  Junie B., First Grader (at Last)

Junie B. thinks first grade is a flop when her kindergarten friend Lucille prefers the company of twins Camille and Chenille and Junie B. needs glasses.

Gibbs Davis.  Katy's First Haircut

First-grader Katy begins to regret having her long hair cut short after she is mistaken for a boy.

Sally Warner.  Leftover Lily

When first grader Lily gets into a fight with her two best friends, the experience teaches her a lot about friendship.

Miriam Cohen.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Alex has a hard time adjusting to his new first grade and tells wild stories to impress the other students.

Jerry Spinelli.  Loser

Even though his classmates from first grade on have considered him strange and a loser, Daniel Zinkoff's optimism and exuberance and the support of his loving family do not allow him to feel that way about himself.

Miriam Cohen.  Lost in the Museum

When he and some other first graders get lost in the museum, Jim decides to be brave and go find the teacher.

Judy Finchler.  Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10

A first-grade boy is shocked, then pleased, when he discovers that his teacher has a life away from school.

Chuck Solomon.  Moving Up From Kindergarten to First Grade

Text and photographs detail for preschoolers what they can expect in first grade.

Muriel Stanek.  My Mom Can't Read

When Tina asks her mother for help in first-grade reading, she discovers to her shock that her mother can't read . A concerned teacher helps them to find tutors and they both learn to read together.

Eve Bunting.  Our Teacher's Having a Baby

As the months pass during first-grade teacher Mrs. Neal's pregnancy, her class gets involved writing letters to the baby, thinking up possible names for it, and designing a baby room on the bulletin board.

Margaret McNamara.  The Playground Problem

When first-graders Nick, Jamie, and Reza refuse to let Emma join their soccer game just because she is a girl, Emma and her father devise a plan to teach the boys a lesson.

Beverly Cleary.  Ramona the Brave

Six-year-old Ramona tries to cope with an unsympathetic first-grade teacher.

Laura Simms.  Rotten Teeth

When Melissa takes a big glass bottle of authentic pulled teeth from her father's dental office for a show-and-tell presentation, she becomes a first-grade celebrity.

Miriam Cohen.  Starring First Grade

Even though he doesn't like his part in the first grade play, Jimmy saves the performance when one of the key players gets stage fright.

Sally Warner.  Sweet and Sour Lily

While trying to start new friendships in the first grade, six-year-old Lily gets in trouble with her teacher, but she soon discovers that it is possible to start over again after making a mistake.

Margaret McNamara.  A Tooth Story

Jaime longs to have at least one tooth missing in his first grade class picture, just like his friends, and when picture day arrives an unexpected event gives Jaime his wish.

Eve Bunting.  Trouble on the T-Ball Team

Linda feels left out as the only one on her first-grade T- ball team who hasn't "lost one."

Kelly Asbury.  Yolanda's Yellow School

Young Yolanda enjoys show and tell, reading, finger painting, playing after lunch, and watching a video during a day in first grade. Illustrations feature the color yellow.