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Books About Kids in the Second Grade


Nancy K. Robinson.  Angela and the Broken Heart

Angela, now in the second grade, tries to ease the broken heart of her brother Nathaniel as he enters high school and worries about being popular.

Barbara Williams.  The Author and Squinty Gritt

Squinty Gritt, a second grader interested in cars, gains self-esteem when he enters a poster contest honoring a famous author's visit to his school.

Patricia Reilly Giff.  The Beast in Ms. Rooney's Room

Held back for a year in second grade, Richard can't seem to help getting into trouble, until he gets really interested in reading and helps his class in a special way.

Amy Schwartz.  Begin at the Beginning

Sara gets stuck when she must paint a picture for the second grade art show, until she discovers the best place to begin.

Denis Roche.  The Best Class Picture Ever!

It's class picture day, but for the second graders nothing is going right: their class pet is missing, their teacher left and hasn't been replaced, and Olivia refuses to smile.

Yoshiko Uchida.  The Bracelet

Emi, a Japanese American in the second grade, is sent with her family to an internment camp during World War II, but the loss of the bracelet her best friend has given her proves that she does not need a physical reminder of that friendship.

Ann Whitehead Nagda.  Dear Whiskers

Jenny is discouraged when her second grade penpal turns out to be a new student from Saudi Arabia who does not speak English very well, but as she works with her they slowly become friends.

Alden R. Carter.  Dustin's Big School Day

Second-grader Dustin, who has Down syndrome, anticipates the arrival of two very special guests at his school one day.

Marjorie Priceman.  Emeline at the Circus

While her teacher Miss Splinter is lecturing her second-grade class about the exotic animals, clowns, and other performers they are watching at the circus, Emeline accidentally becomes part of the show.

Jane Cutler.  'Gator Aid

Imaginative second-grader Edward swears he saw a baby alligator in the Shaw Park lake, but no one believes him.

Paula Danziger.  Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown

Amber is nervous about starting second grade with a new teacher, but despite being in the same class as mean Hannah Burton, things turn out just fine.

Stan and Jan Berenstain.  The Goofy Goony Guy

The new cub in Sister Bear's second grade class looks and acts so strange that Sister avoids him when he tries to make friends.

Lois Lowry.  Gooney Bird Greene

A most unusual new student who loves to be the center of attention entertains her teacher and fellow second graders by telling absolutely true stories about herself, including how she got her name.

Claudia Mills.  Gus and Grandpa and Show-and-Tell

Gus despairs of coming up with something interesting and impressive for his second-grade class's show-and-tell, until he gets a great idea while visiting Grandpa.

Suzy Kline.  Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

Follows the school activities of second-graders, Harry and Doug, as they participate in a secret mission to celebrate "Charlotte's Web," learn how to make green slime, and put on a skit warning about the dangers of smoking.

Marisabina Russo.  I Don't Want to Go Back to School

Despite his older sister's dire warnings of all the terrible things that could go wrong on his first day in the second grade, Ben has a wonderful time.

Daniel Manus Pinkwater.  I Was a Second Grade Werewolf

Though he has turned into a werewolf, his parents, teacher, and classmates still see him as Lawrence Talbot, second-grader.

Jamie Gilson.  Itchy Richard

Second graders and their teacher experience an outbreak of head lice.

Gail Herman.  I've Go the Back to School Blues

When she learns that she will not be in the same class as her friends, Annie worries about starting second grade with a new teacher.

Amy Ehrlich.  Leo, Zack, and Emmie Together Again

A trio of friends spend the winter of their second grade making snowballs and Valentine cards, going to a Christmas party, and fighting a bout with chicken pox.

Suzy Kline.  Marvin and the Mean Words

Marvin overhears remarks made by his second-grade teacher and is sure she hates him.

Suzy Kline.  Mary Marony and the Chocolate Surprise

Mary decides it's all right to cheat to make sure she wins a special lunch with her favorite teacher, but the results of her dishonesty end up surprising the whole second grade class.

Jerdine Nolen.  Max and Jax in Second Grade

Second grade twins Max and Jax prepare to start the summer off right with a fishing trip and a slumber party.

Bill Cosby.  The Meanest Thing to Say

When a new boy in his second grade class tries to get the other students to play a game that involves saying the meanest things possible to one another, Little Bill shows him a better way to make friends.

Denis Roche.  Mim, Gym and June

When the second grade starts to take gym class with the third graders, Mim finds herself intimidated by the larger June.

Maryann Cocca-Leffler.  Missing, One Stuffed Rabbit

After losing Coco the class pet at a shopping mall, second-grader Janine learns that the stuffed rabbit has mistakenly been given as part of a toy distribution at a local hospital.

Robin Pulver.  Nobody's Mother is in Second Grade

Cassandra's mother, who wishes she could go to second grade again, visits her daughter's class disguised as a plant.

Stephanie Greene.  Owen Foote, Second Grade Strongman

Owen, a second grader who is being teased for his small size, discovers that his friend Joseph is just as concerned about being overweight, and they share their fear of being humiliated by the school nurse.

Michelle Edwards.  Pa Lia's First Day

On the first day of second grade at her new school, Pa Lia Vang discovers that things are not as bad as she had feared.

James Howe.  Pinky and Rex and the Spelling Bee

Excited about holding onto his position as the best speller in the second grade, Pinky has an embarrassing accident but is cheered up by his best friend Rex.

Beverly Cleary.  Ramona and Her Father

The family routine is upset during Ramona 's year in second grade when her father unexpectedly loses his job.

Barbara Seuling.  Robert and the Great Pepperoni

Second-grader Robert, who desperately wants a dog of his own, starts a pet sitting business, but when he finds a stray dog, the best he can do is to keep him temporarily and train him so he can be adopted by someone else.

Kirby Larson.  Second-Grade Pig Pals

Second grader Quinn tries to earn a gold star on the bulletin board for National Pig Day and regain her friendship with a new student following a mix-up.

Jean Marzollo.  Soccer Sam

Sam's cousin from Mexico comes for an extended visit and teaches Sam and all the second graders to play soccer.

Suzy Kline.  Song Lee in Room 2B

Spring becomes a memorable time for Miss Mackle's second-grade classroom because of the antics of Horrible Harry and the special insights of shy Song Lee.

Barthe DeClements.  Spoiled Rotten

Scott helps his best friend Andy learn how to follow the rules in second grade so that he will not get in trouble.

Michelle Edwards.  The Talent Show

Second-grader Howardina Geraldina Paulina Maxina Gardenia Smith is sure she will be the star of the talent show, but when she gets up to sing at the dress rehearsal, she gets stage fright.

Patricia Reilly Giff.  Today Was a Terrible Day

Follows the humorous mishaps of a second grader who is learning to read.

Lawrence David.  When Second Graders Attack

Horace Splattly also known as Cupcaked Crusader tries to save his town from a roving band of second graders with gooey gravy bombs.