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Books About Kids in the Third Grade

Claudia Mills.  7 X 9 = Trouble

Third-grader Wilson struggles with his times-tables in order to beat the class deadline.

Leslie Tryon.  Albert's Field Trip

Albert leads the third grade class on a memorable field trip to an apple farm, where they pick apples, watch apples being processed into apple juice, and eat apple pies.

Betsy Duffey.  Alien for Rent

When a small fuzzy alien appears at their school, third graders J.P. and Lexie accidentally direct his powers against the bully Bruce and things get out of control.

Paula Danziger.  Amber Brown is Not a Crayon

The year she is in the third grade is a sad time for Amber because her best friend Justin is getting ready to move to a distant state.

Barbara Joosse.  Anna, the One and Only

Third-grader, Anna Skoggen, struggles to express her true personality, and finally finds a way to be herself and become friends with her older sister, Kimberly.

Diane De Groat.  Annie Pitts, Burger Kid

Third-grader Annie Pitts loves hamburgers and is determined to become the Burger Barn's next poster child.

Ilene Cooper.  The Annoying Team

Tim starts the Annoying Team to get back at the third-grade bully, but things get out of hand as the group's activities expand.

Marc Tolon Brown.  Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Third-grader Arthur is amazed when he is chosen to be in the school spellathon.

Carolyn Haywood.  Back to School With Betsy

Third-grader Betsy and her friend Billy seem to be always getting into scrapes both inside and outside of school.

Ron Roy.  The Bald Bandit

Third-grader Dink and his detective friends hope to receive a big reward by finding the person whose video recorder picked up a picture of the local bank robber.

Karen Lynn Williams.  Baseball and Butterflies

At the end of the third grade, Daniel finds his summer butterfly project threatened by his bratty little brother and his friends' obsession with baseball.

Natalie Honeycutt.  The Best-Laid Plans of Jonah Twist

Busy third grader Jonah Twist must endure giving a school report on elephant seals with the bossy Juliet Fisher, while worrying that his new kitten may have eaten his older brother's hamster.

Stephen Krensky.  Buster's Dino Dilemma

When Arthur's third-grade class goes hunting for fossils at Rainbow Rock State Park, Buster actually finds one. There's just one problem: he wants to keep it. Can Arthur persuade Buster to return the important discovery, or will it stay buried forever in the bak of Buster's closet?

Judy Cox.  Butterfly Buddies

Third grader Robin has a series of mishaps and learns the value of honesty as she tries to become best friends with Zoey, her partner for a class project on raising butterflies.

Becky Thoman Lindberg.  Chelsea Martin Turns Green

Chelsea fears that she is losing her best friend Mary Lynne to Abigail, the new girl in their third grade class.

Johanna Hurwitz.  Class Clown

Lucas Cott, the most obstreperous boy in the third grade, finds it very hard to turn over a new leaf when he decides to become the perfect student.

Dian Curtis Regan.  The Class With the Summer Birthdays

Because Brittany's third-grade class is made up of children who were born between May and August, she never gets to celebrate birthdays during school like other kids do.

Marisa Montes.  A Crazy Mixed-Up Spanglish Day

In Northern California, Maritza Gabriela Morales Mercado struggles to deal with the third grade bully, to control her temper, and to remember to speak Spanish at home and English at school.

Gina Willner-Pardo.  Daphne Eloise Slater, Who's Tall for Her

Age   Daphne didn't mind being the tallest girl in her class until third grade, when a classmate begins teasing her about her height and she must decide whether to retaliate.

Nancy E. Krulik.  Doggone It!

When strict Mrs. Derkman moves next door to third-grader Katie Carew, scares her friends away, and insists she keep her dog, Pepper, on a leash, Katie finds a non-magical solution to the problem.

Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna.  Doggone--Third Grade!

Third-grader Gordie is not only having problems with his best friend, he also has to teach his not-so-smart dog some tricks for the upcoming school talent show.

Beverly Cleary.  Ellen Tebbits

The part of third grade Ellen Tebbits likes most is having Austine Allen for her best friend.

L. King Perez.  First Day in Grapes

When Chico starts the third grade after his migrant worker family moves to begin harvesting California grapes, he finds that self confidence and math skills help him cope with the first day of school.

Susan Richards Shreve.  The Flunking of Joshua T. Bates

Driving home from the beach on Labor Day, Joshua receives some shocking news from his mother: he must repeat third grade.

Stephen Krensky.  Francine the Superstar

After her friends help her get the lead in the third grade play, Francine becomes so intent on making the play perfect that she almost ruins it.

Nancy E. Krulik.  Get Lost!

Katie Carew's third-grade class spends three days at Science Camp, where Katie magically changes places with the strict Head Counselor while on a hike and gets her group hopelessly lost.

Carolyn Marsden.  The Gold-Threaded Dress

When Oy and her Thai American family move to a new neighborhood, her third-grade classmates tease and exclude her because she is different.

Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna.  Good Grief...Third Grade

Marsha Cessano, Collette Murphy's neighbor, is determined to be good in third grade--no messy desk, no temper, no tricks--but Roger Friday is making it difficult.

Louise Borden.  Good Luck, Mrs. K!

All the students in the third grade are affected when their beloved teacher, Mrs. Kempczinski, is suddenly hospitalized with cancer.

Suzy Kline.  Herbie Jones

Herbie's experiences in the third grade include finding bones in the boy's bathroom, wandering away from his class on their field trip, and being promoted to a higher reading group.

Betsy Duffey.  Hey, New Kid

Third-grader Jeremy dreads going to a new school when his family moves, so he decides to reinvent himself, hoping his new classmates will be impressed.

Suzy Kline.  Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade

Horrible Harry and friends start off third grade with a new room and a field trip to an old copper mine to study rocks.

Betsy Duffey.  How to Be Cool in the Third Grade

When Robbie York is marked as a target by a bully at school, he decides that the only way to survive the third grade is by being cool.

Nancy E. Krulik.  I Hate Rules!

Third-grader Katie Carew gets into trouble for breaking school rules, but when she magically turns into the school's principal and eliminates all rules, things get out of hand.

Mary Jane Auch.  I Was a Third Grade Science Project

While trying to hypnotize his dog for the third grade science fair, Brian accidentally makes his best friend Josh think he's a cat.

Patricia Demuth.  In Trouble With Teacher

Third-grader Montgomery draws great pictures and writes wonderful stories, but he's afraid that his teacher only cares about his terrible spelling.

Andrew Clements.  Jake Drake Know-It-All

Jake is determined to win the third grade science fair not only for the grand prize, but to beat the annoying class know-it-alls, as well.

James Quigley.  Johnny Germ Head

While performing an heroic act at an amusement park, third-grader Johnny Jarvis finally confronts the fear of germs which had been an obsession with him ever since he was seven.

Megan McDonald.  Judy Moody

Third grader Judy Moody is in a first day of school bad mood until she gets an assignment to create a collage all about herself and begins creating her masterpiece, the Me collage.

Natalie Honeycutt.  Juliet Fisher and the Foolproof Plan

Prim and proper third grader Juliet sets out to serve as a good example for the untidy, enthusiastic Lydia Jane, but Lydia Jane starts to rub off on her instead.

David Wiesner.  June 29, 1999

While her third-grade classmates are sprouting seeds in paper cups, Becky has a more ambitious, innovative science project in mind.

Stephen Krensky.  King Arthur

When Arthur's third-grade class competes at the Middle Ages Fair against Glenbrook Academy, they lose at Merlin's Lybrinth, tug-of-war, and even a pie eating contest. The only challenge left is to pull a sword from a stone.

Judy Delton.  Kitty from the Start

Kitty moves to a new neighborhood and eventually makes a successful transition into her new third grade.

Gordon Korman.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Zoe, an imaginative third grader, thinks that she has to make things up to be interesting, until a good friend and an eagle convince her that she does not have to lie to be special.

C. Anne Scott.  Lizard Meets Ivana the Terrible

When third grader Lizzie Gardener must live temporarily with her grandmother, her greatest fears have to do with making friends in her new school.

Elizabeth Winthrop.  Luke's Bully

Skinny, shy third-grader Luke cannot hide from Arthur, his personal bully , until it is time to pick roles for the class play.

Louis Sachar.  Marvin Redpost:  a Flying Birthday Cake

Two days after Marvin sees a glowing green thing like a flying birthday cake in the night sky, his third-grade class is joined by a mysterious new boy with peculiar behavior.

Judy Cox.  Mean, Mean Maureen Green

With help from Adam, a boy in her third grade class, Lilley gains enough confidence to stand up to the school bus bully, Mean Maureen Green.

Charlotte Herman.  Millie Cooper, 3B

As she tries to cope with school and other problems, third-grader Millie discovers some special things about herself.

Suzy Kline.  Molly Gets Mad

Third grader Molly is jealous of Florence's superior ice skating ability but makes an interesting discovery about teamwork when she joins the hockey team.

Maggie Lewis.  Morgy Makes His Move

When third-grader Morgy MacDougal-MacDuff moves from California to Massachusetts with his parents, he has a lot of new things to get used to before he feels comfortable.

Beverly Cleary.  Muggie Maggie

Maggie resists learning cursive writing in the third grade, until she discovers that knowing how to read and write cursive promises to open up an entirely new world of knowledge for her.

Alma Flor Ada.  My Name is Maria Isabel

Third grader Maria Isabel, born in Puerto Rico and now living in the U.S., wants badly to fit in at school; and the teacher's writing assignment "My Greatest Wish" gives her that opportunity.

Nancy E. Krulik.  No Bones About It

Katie and her third-grade class go on a field trip to the natural history museum where Katie finds herself magically transported into the body of their tour guide.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  One of the Third Grade Thonkers

Ashamed of his wimpy younger cousin, eight-year-old Jimmy is determined to keep him out of his special club for rough, tough, and terrible boys, until an accident involving Jimmy's father demonstrates for him the true meaning of courage.

Karen Waggoner.  Partners

Third grader Jamie's dream of raising mice as pets is threatened by his sister's ugly cat Caliban, and by his partner and older brother Gordon's notion of selling the baby mice for profit.

Jean Marzollo.  The Pizza Pie Slugger

Billy, the former champion slugger for his third grade baseball team, is bothered by his very young stepsister's presence at games and feels that she is jinxing him into a batting slump.

Beverly Cleary.  Ramona Forever

Ramona's year in third grade is highlighted by the arrival of Howie's rich uncle, a change in her after-school situation, a surprise wedding, a death and a new arrival in the family, and her father's getting a job.

George Edward Stanley.  The Secret of the Green Skin

With the help of their third-grade teacher and classmates, Noelle and Todd try to find out why people are getting sick after eating at the new restaurant in town.

Gina Willner-Pardo.  Spider Storch, Rotten Runner

Although he knows just about everything about spiders, Spider Storch is a terrible runner, and he's afraid he'll ruin the Third Grade Olympics for his teammates.

Betsy Duffey.  Spotlight on Cody

Nine-year-old Cody Michaels is bound for stardom in the third grade talent show just as soon as he figures out his talent.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  Starting With Alice

After she, her older brother, and their father move from Chicago to Maryland, Alice has trouble fitting into her new third grade class, but with the help of some new friends and her own unique outlook, she survives.

Sara Pennypacker.  Stuart's Cape

Bored because there is nothing to do in the house to which his family has just moved and worried about starting third grade in a new school, Stuart makes a magical cape out of his uncle's ties and has a series of adventures.

Elizabeth Levy.  Third Grade Bullies

Being short and having moved four times in the last three years makes Sally defensive, so although she tries to help a classmate stand up to two bullies, she gets off to a bad start in her new school.

Barbara Baker.  Third Grade is Terrible

Liza is convinced third grade is going to be great until she gets to school that first day and everything starts going wrong.

Judy Cox.  Third Grade Pet

Fearing for the safety of the third grade's class pet, Cheese the rat, Rosemary takes him home in her backpack and creates chaos in the household.

Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna.  Third Grade Stinks!

Gordie loves his third grade teacher, but sharing a locker with a girl instead of his best friend and trouble with a school bully may ruin his best year ever.

Martha Freeman.  The Trouble With Cats

After a difficult first week of third grade, Holly begins to adjust to her new school and living in her new stepfather's tiny apartment with his four cats.

Debbie Dadey.  Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots

The third grade at Bailey Elementary was very hard to handle, until a strange new teacher named Mrs. Jeepers arrived.

Betsy Duffey.  Virtual Cody

Cody and his classmates in the third grade are having fun reporting on the origin of their names, until Cody finds out that his parents named him after a dog.