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Story Books

  1. Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
    • Margaret McNamara
     Three aliens set off to find a new planet for themselves but soon Bork and Gork have forgotten all of their mother's good advice and only Nklxwcyz builds a home safe enough to withstand the Big Bad Robot in this story reminiscent of "The Three Little Pigs."    
  2. Aliens in Underpants Save the World
    • Claire Freedman
    The Aliens in Underpants want to save the world.
  3. Even Aliens Need Snacks
    • Matthew McElligott
    Creating snacks that make most humans queasy, a young chef finds a new clientele--aliens.
  4. Baloney Henry P
    • Jon Scieszka
    A transmission received from outer space in a combination of different Earth languages tells of an alien schoolboy's fantastic excuse for being late to school again.

Story Songs

  1. Five Green Aliens

    Five green aliens flew into space (move hand like a ship through the air)

    The first one disappeared without a trace (hide thumb)

    The second one flew past the moon (hide finger)

    The third one waved "see you soon!" (hide finger)

    The fourth one took off towards the sun (hide finger)

    And the fifth one looked around "Where is everyone? (bring hand back down to the ground)

    Then woosh came the fuel and on came the light (shake fist and stretch out fingers)

    And the five green aliens went on another flight! (move hand up in the air like before)

  2. Four Little Aliens

    Four little aliens
    winking at me.
    One blast off,
    Then there were three!

    Three little aliens
    With nothing to do.
    One shot off,
    Then there were two!

    Two little aliens
    Afraid of the sun.
    One shot off,
    Then there was one!

    One little aliens
    Alone is no fun.
    It shot off,
    then there was none!


Create an Alien 

Supplies: multi-colored construction paper & glue

  • cut out different shapes for the bodies (squares, circles, triangles etc) and a random assortment of odd shapes for face/arms/legs beforehand
  • children can pick and choose the shapes they want to create their own alien creature