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Story Books

  1. Ducking for Apples
    • Lynne Berry
    Five little ducks ride bicycles and gather apples to make a sweet treat.
  2. The Apple Pie Tree
    • Zoe Hall
    Describes an apple tree as it grows leaves and flowers and then produces its fruit
  3. Red are the Apples
    • Marc Harshman
    Leads the reader through a bountiful garden in autumn while drawing particular attention to the variety of colors found within it.
  4. Ten Red Apples
    • Pat Hutchins
    In rhyming verses
  5. Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple
    • Ana Martin Larranaga
    Pepo the pig and Lolo the chicken work together to obtain an apple from a branch too high for either of them to reach.
  6. Ten Red Apples
    • Virginia Miller
    Bartholomew and George
  7. Apple Farmer Annie
    • Monica Wellington
    Annie the apple farmer saves her most beautiful apples to sell fresh at the farmers' market.
  8. Tucker’s Apple-Dandy Day
    • Susan Winget
    Tucker the rabbit goes on a class trip to Farmer Sam's apple orchard.
  9. One Red Apple
    • Harriet Ziefert
    Chronicles the life cycle of an apple: from fruit growing on the tree

Use the negative from an Apple die cut or from cutting out your own apple) and contact paper to make a “stained glass” effect. Place the negative on one piece of contact paper. This should leave you a sticky surface to color in the apple with tissue paper. Red, green and brown tissue paper can make it look like a real apple; or you can use a rainbow of colors for a fun effect.