Dragons and Knights

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La Porte
  1. Imaginary creatures

Story Books

  1. Hush, Little Dragon
    • Boni Ashburn
    Set in medieval times
  2. Me and My Dragon
    • David Biedrzycki
    A boy explains what would happen if he chose a fire-breathing dragon for a pet: how he would feed and tend to its unusual needs
  3. The Bravest Knight
    • Mercer Mayer
    This story begins with a boy enthusiastically envisioning how it would have been to have lived a thousand years ago as a squire for a brave knight. All is well as they battle dragons and do the usual knight-errant business together
  4. George and the Dragon
    • Chris Wormell
    George is a mouse who is hopeless at such domestic skills as making toasted cheese. But George has the unique skill of being able to scare away one particular dragon who is after the princess. The dragon’s facial expressions are wonderful.
  5. The End
    • David LaRochelle
    This is a cleverly designed book. It frames the ending of the story on the first page and then works through a series of effects
  6. The Best Pet of All
    • David LaRochelle
    A boy’s mom is prejudiced against having a dog for a pet

Story Songs

  1. Dragon Colors

    I saw a rose dragon land on my nose
    (point to nose and go cross-eyed)
    I saw a blue dragon land on your shoe
    (point at somebody’s shoe)
    I saw a tan dragon land in my hand
    (hold up hand in front of your face)
    So I blew and blew...
    (gently blow on him)
    And away he flew!

  2. Knight’s Flight

    Knights fight with their shield
    (hold up shield)
    But I forgot my shield!
    (stare at your arm in alarm)
    Knights fight with their sword
    (hold out sword)
    But I forgot my sword
    (stare at your hand in alarm)
    Knights fight with their armor
    (hold out fists to display your armor)
    But I forgot my armor!
    (stare down in alarm)
    When knights have nights like this
    It’s time to run away--
    And fight another day!
    (pretend to run off while saying the last lines)

  3. The Dragons are Coming

    Dragons look through golden eyes
    (circle fingers around eyes)
    Dragons smile through sharpened teeth
    (smile with your teeth showing)
    Dragons listen through scaly ears
    (cup hands behind ears)
    Make sure they don’t hear us breathe!