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Libby Nelson
West University
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Story Books

  1. Barn dance
    • Bill Martin
    Unable to sleep on the night of a full moon, a young boy follows the sound of music across the fields and finds an unusual barn dance in progress.  
  2. Nothing at all
    • Denys Cazet
    Early one morning, a little scarecrow whose father warns him that he is not fierce enough to frighten a crow goes out into the cornfield alone.  
  3. Shoo crow shoo
    • Dana Rau
    A scarecrow is too friendly to do the job for which it was made.  
  4. The Scarecrow's dance
    • Jane Yolen
    A scarecrow happily dances away from his post one windy night, until a child's prayer teaches him how important he is to the farm.  
  5. The Scarecrow's hat
    • Ken Brown
    Chicken thinks Scarecrow's hat will make a nice nest, but first she must swap with Badger, Crow, Sheep, Owl and Donkey.
  6. Scarecrow
    • Cynthia Rylant
    Although made of straw and borrowed clothes, a scarecrow appreciates his peaceful, gentle life and the privilege of watching nature at work.

Story Songs

  1. Scarecrow, scarecrow

    [more of a chant]

    Scarecrow, scarecrow turn around

    Scarecrow, scarecrow touch the ground

    Scarecrow, scarecrow stretch up high

    Scarecrow, scarecrow blink your eye

    Scarecrow, scarecrow kick your feet

    Scarecrow, scarecrow flap like a sheet

    Scarecrow, scarecrow bend so low

    Scarecrow, scarecrow touch your toe

    Scarecrow, scarecrow nod your head

    Scarecrow, scarecrow go to bed.

  2. Scarecrow

    [more of a chant]

    Scarecrow - what do you know?

    Guard the corn and watch it grow.

    If the birds fly in to eat

    I'll wave my arms and stomp my feet.