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Akhila Bhat
Barbara Bush
  1. Manners

Story Books

  1. Shhhh
    • Kevin Henkes
    Little girl explores the sleeping house until she wakes up everyone.
  2. Shhh!
    • Valeri Gorbachev
    A little boy has to try hard to be quiet while his baby brother is sleeping.
  3. Please be Quiet
    • Mary Murphy
    Whatever little penguin does makes noise and mother has to tell him to be quiet. Finally when little penguin is quiet his baby borther starts crying.

Story Songs

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Babys Nap

    This is a baby ready for a nap. (hold up index finger)
    Lay him down in his mother’s lap. (place finger on open palm of other hand)
    Cover him up so he won’t peep. (wrap fingers around finger)
    Rock him till he’s fast asleep. (rock hands back and forth)
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