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Story Books

  1. The Napping House
    • Audrey Wood
    All of the occupants of the napping house have fallen asleep, one by one, on top of each other during a rainstorm.  One wakeful flea sets off a chain reaction that eventually wakes everyone just as the sun is coming out.  Since the characters appear sequentially, this one could be made into a felt story.
  2. Bear Snores On
    • Karma Wilson
    When a bear wakes up he discovers that, while he was sleeping so soundly in his den, a number of critters have crawled in and started a party without him.  This story has detailed vocabulary to match its wonderful illustrations.
  3. Z-Z-Zoink!
    • Bernard Most
    A pig with a snoring condition is ostracized from the other pigs, so she tries to sleep around different farmyard animals but is shooed away.  She finally finds she can snore comfortably in the company of the barn owls, who don’t mind her at all.  This story could easily be done as an audience participation story with a pig puppet and the audience making the sounds of all the other animals.
  4. The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree
    • Stan Berenstain
    The narrator asks the audience throughout the story whether they think the Bears will dare to go on in their adventure, making this is a favorite Berenstain Bear book to read to a story-time group.  The climax is when the bears decide to climb over a great sleeping bear inside the spooky old tree, which sends the storyline rushing to a dramatic conclusion as the bears are chased home.
  5. What's That Noise?
    • William Carman
    A boy wakes up to a frightful noise, so he searches his house for what he imagines to be its source.  Eliminating everything from octopi to aliens, he finally discovers that it was his dad’s snoring.  Since the book has a number of silent pages, it would be fun to have the audience supply the appropriate sound effect.
  6. The Loud Book!
    • Deborah Underwood
    This is a book about different events that have their own special quality of loudness about them.  The illustrations are warm, simple and work well with the simple descriptions.

Story Songs

  1. Jungle Snores

    When my family goes to sleep each night

    My home sounds like a jungle fight

    (place hands pretending to go to sleep)

    Father snores like a jaguar’s sneeze

    (make snarling sneeze sounds)

    Mother snores like a hive of bees

    (make buzzing sounds)

    Big Sister snores like a hissing snake

    (make hissing sounds in between snores)

    Big Brother snores like volcanoes quake

    (improvise a rumbling volcano sound)

    But I don’t snore for goodness sake

    Cause all night long they keep me awake!

    (pretend to cover ears)

  2. Counting Sheep

    I have to count sheep or I won’t fall asleep

    But before I reach 9 it happens every time

    Here goes: 1, 2, 3, (yawn) 4, 5, 6, (yawn) 7, 8, and zzzz.

    (You can either count on your fingers or pretend to point at sheep, but before you reach nine suddenly drop your head and snore)