Winter Clothes/ Ropa de invierno

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Paula Gonzales
  1. Clothing

Story Books

  1. Froggy se viste
    • Jonathan London
    Froggy is so anxious to play in the snow that he keeps forgetting to dress properly in his winter clothes.
  2. Animals should definitely not wear clothing
    • Judi Barrett
    This book will have kids laughing at how silly animals would look if they wore clothes.
  3. Get Dressed Robbie /Vístete
    • Lone Morton
    Robbie has fun playing dress-up and coordinates some interesting clothing pieces that show his self expression.
  4. Los calcetines de Jenny
    • Carol Murray
    Jenny enjoys wearing her socks. She shows off all the variety of socks she owns and describes their colors and print shapes.

Story Songs

  1. Un elefante se balanceaba

    While singing this traditional song, count each elephant as they climb on the spider web to play. Please visit link for lyrics and tune.

  2. Pin Pon

    This is a fun traditional song that encourages children to take responsiblity of washing hands and face and going to bed when they're supposed to.
    Please visit link for lyrics and tune.

  3. La pequeña araña

    This song is the Spanish version of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".
    Please visit site for lyrics and tune.


Make winter mittens.
Die cut mittens shape. Each child should be given two mittens so they can link with a piece of yarn using tape. Decorate mittens using various shapes, like circles, hearts, and squares.