2016 Texas 2 X 2 Reading List

The 2 X 2 Reading List is a project of the Children's Round Table, a unit of the Texas Library Association and is a list of 20 books recommended for children age 2 to grade 2.

it's only stanley It’s Only Stanley by Jon Agee
Very strange noises that keep awakening the Wimbledon family one night have an even stranger source.
the princess and the pony The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton
Princess Pinecone would like a real war horse for her birthday, instead of which she gets a plump, cute pony--but sometimes cuteness can be a kind of weapon, especially in a fight with dodgeballs and spitballs and hairballs and squareballs.
the new small person The New Small Person by Lauren Child
Elmore Green likes being an only child, so when his parents bring a new small person, his baby brother, into the house he is not pleased and does his best to keep the new small person out of his life.
race car count! Race Car Count! by Rebecca Kai Dotlich & Michael Slack
Count to ten with fast and colorful race cars.
we forgot brock We Forgot Brock! by Carter Goodrich
Phillip and Brock are best friends, although everyone else thinks Brock is imaginary, so when Phillip gets tired out at the Big Fair while Brock is still having fun, they are separated and it will take a very special twosome to bring them back together again.
i, fly I, Fly: The Buzz about Flies and How Awesome They Are by Bridget Hers & Jennifer Plecas
Fly is fed up with everyone studying butterflies. After all, flies go through metamorphosis too--and they are so much cooler! They flap their wings 200 times a second, compared to a butterfly's measly five to twelve times. Their babies--maggots—are much cuter than caterpillars (obviously). And when they eat solid food, they even throw up on it to turn it into a liquid. Who wouldn't want to study an insect like that? Both funny and informative, this earnest (and highly partisan) narrator provides a refreshing new perspective on his fascinating species.
  Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins
hippos are huge! Hippos are Huge! by Jonathan London & Matthew Trueman
What's the deadliest animal in Africa? It's not the lion or the crocodile--it's the hippopotamus! Hippos have razor-sharp tusks, weigh as much as fifty men, and can run twenty-five miles per hour! Follow these hefty hulks as they glide underwater, play tug-of-war, swat balls of dung at one another, and nuzzle their young in the mud. Just don't get too close--they could chomp you in two!
we dig worms We Dig Worms by Kevin McCloskey
Young children (and a hungry bluebird) follow a talkative earthworm around. They learn fun facts about worms and their important role in our environment.
if you plant a seed If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
While planting seeds in their garden, two animals learn the value of kindness.
  Flutter and Hum/Aleteo y Zumbido by Julie Paschkis
p. zonka lays an egg P. Zonka Lays an Egg by Julie Paschkis
All of the chickens in the farmyard lay eggs regularly-- all except for P. Zonka, that is. She's too busy looking at the colors of the world around her. The other chickens think P. Zonka's just lazy...until she lays the most beautiful egg they've ever seen.
i don't want to be a frog I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty & Mike Boldt
A frog who yearns to be any animal that's cute and warm discovers that being wet, slimy, and full of bugs has its advantages.
there's a lion in my cornflakes There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes by Michelle Robinson & Jim Field
If you ever see a box of cornflakes offering a free lion, ignore it. This is the story of two brothers who didn't--and then ended up with a grizzly bear, a cranky old crocodile, and a huge gorilla, instead.
what james said What James Said by Liz Rosenberg & Matt Myers
A little girl ignores her best friend James after she hears rumors that he has been talking about her, but soon realizes that she misses his friendship.
hoot owl, master of disguise Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor & Jean Jullien
Hoot owl flies through the night and assumes numerous disguises in order to catch a meal.
polar bear's underwear Polar Bear’s Underwear by Tupera Tupera
Polar Bear has lost his underwear and he asks his friend, Mouse, to help him find it.
first grade dropout First Grade Dropout by Audrey Vernick & Matthew Cordell
After an embarrassing incident, a young boy decides to quit school.
what this story needs is a pig in a wig What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig by Emma J. Virjan
Illustrations and rhyming text introduce an increasing, then decreasing, cast of characters sharing a boat in a moat with a pig in an enormous wig.
the story of diva & flea The Story of Diva and Flea by Mo Willems & Tony DiTerlizzi
In the bustling city of Paris, a small yet brave dog, Diva, and an adventurous cat named Flea become two unlikely friends.