Edgar Award

The Edgar Allan Poe Awards (the Edgars) are named after MWA's (Mystery Writers of America) patron saint, Edgar Allan Poe.  They are awarded to authors of distinguished work in various categories of the genre including Young Adult and Juvenile mysteries.

2014 Best Young Adult
Annabel Pitcher. Ketchup Clouds

Zoe, a teenager in Bath, England, writes letters to a death-row inmate in Texas, hoping to find comfort in sharing her guilty secret over the death of a friend with someone who can never tell her family.
2014 Best Juvenile
Amy Timberlake. One Came Home

In 1871 Wisconsin, thirteen-year-old Georgia sets out to find her sister Agatha, presumed dead when remains are found wearing the dress she was last seen in, and before the end of the year gains fame as a sharpshooter and foiler of counterfeiters.
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2013 Best Young Adult
Elizabeth Wein. Code Name Verity

In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must to survive while keeping secret all that she can.
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2013 Best Juvenile
Jack D. Ferraiolo. The quick fix

When the star of the basketball team is blackmailed, it is up to Matt Stevens, the lone voice for justice in corrupt Franklin Middle School, to uncover who is behind the scheme--Vinny "Mr. Biggs" Biggio, his deputy Kevin Carling, or perhaps the scheming Thompson twins.

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2012 Best Young Adult
Dandi Daley Mackall. The silence of murder

Sixteen-year-old Hope must defend her developmentally disabled brother (who has not spoken a word since he was seven) when he is accused of murdering a beloved high school baseball coach.
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2012 Best Juvenile
Matthew J. Kirby. Icefall

When Logan and his family move into a run-down old house in rural Virginia, he discovers that a woman was murdered there and becomes involved with his neighbor Arthur in a dangerous investigation to try to uncover the killer.
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2011 Best Young Adult
Charlie Price. The Interrogation of Gabriel James

As an eyewitness to two murders, a Montana teenager relates the shocking story behind the crimes in a police interrogation interspersed with flashbacks.
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2011 Best Juvenile
Dori Hillestad Butler. The Case of the Lost Boy

While searching for his mysteriously lost human family, Buddy the dog is adopted by another family and helps solve the mystery of their missing boy.
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2010 Best Young Adult
Peter Abrahams. Reality Check

After a knee injury destroys sixteen-year-old Cody's college hopes, he drops out of high school and gets a job in his small Montana town, but when his ex-girlfriend disappears from her Vermont boarding school, Cody travels cross-country to join the search.

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2010 Best Juvenile
Mary Downing Hahn. Closed for the Season

When Logan and his family move into a run-down old house in rural Virginia, he discovers that a woman was murdered there and becomes involved with his neighbor Arthur in a dangerous investigation to try to uncover the killer.

2009 Best Young Adult
John Green. Paper Towns

One month before graduating from his Central Florida high school, Quentin "Q" Jacobsen basks in the predictable boringness of his life until the beautiful and exciting Margo Roth Spiegelman, Q's neighbor and classmate, takes him on a midnight adventure and then mysteriously disappears.

2009 Best Juvenile
Tony Abbott. The Postcard

While in St. Petersburg, Florida, to help clean out his recently-deceased grandmother's house, thirteen-year-old Jason finds an old postcard which leads him on an adventure that blends figures from an old, unfinished detective story with his family's past.

2008 Best Young Adult
Tedd Arnold.  Rat Life

After developing an unusual friendship with a young Vietnam War veteran in 1972, fourteen-year-old Todd discovers his writing talent and solves a murder mystery.

2008 Best Juvenile
Katherine Marsh.  The Night Tourist

After fourteen-year-old classics prodigy Jack Perdu has a near fatal accident he meets Euri, a young ghost who introduces him to New York's Underworld, where those who died in New York reside until they are ready to move on, and Jack vows to find his dead mother there.

2007 Best Young Adult
Robin Merrow MacCready.  Buried

When her alcoholic mother goes missing, seventeen-year-old Claudine begins to spin out of control, despite her attempts to impose order on every aspect of her life.

2007 Best Juvenile
Andrew Clements.  Room One:  A Mystery or Two

Ted Hammond, the only sixth grader in his small Nebraska town's one-room schoolhouse, searches for clues to the disappearance of a homeless family.

2006 Best Young Adult
John Feinstein.  Last Shot

After winning a basketball reporting contest, eighth graders Stevie and Susan Carol are sent to cover the Final Four tournament, where they discover that a talented player is being blackmailed into throwing the final game.

2006 Best Juvenile
D. James Smith.  The Boys of San Joaquin

In a small California town in 1951, twelve-year-old Paolo and his deaf cousin Billy get caught up in a search for money missing from the church collection, leading them to complicated discoveries about themselves, other family members, and townspeople they thought they knew.

2005 Best Young Adult
Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler.  In Darkness, Death

In eighteenth-century Japan, young Seikei becomes involved with a ninja as he helps Judge Ooka, his foster father, investigate the murder of a samurai.

2005 Best Juvenile
Blue Balliett.  Chasing Vermeer

When seemingly unrelated and strange events start to happen and a precious Vermeer painting disappears, eleven-year-olds Petra and Calder combine their talents to solve an international art scandal.

2004 Best Young Adult
Graham McNamee.  Acceleration

Stuck working in the Lost and Found of the Toronto Transit Authority for the summer, seventeen-year-old Duncan finds the diary of a serial killer and sets out to stop him.

2004 Best Juvenile
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  Bernie Magruder and the Bats in the Belfry

Many residents of Middleburg, Indiana, are already going crazy from the ever-ringing church bells and now, after a bat is spotted in the hotel run by Bernie's family, they worry that the dangerous Indiana Aztec bat has finally arrived.


2003 Best Young Adult
Daniel Parker.  The Wessex Papers, Vols. 1-3

2003 Best Juvenile
Helen Ericson.  Harriet Spies Again

Harriet M. Welsch has just received the best news of her 11th year--Ole Golly is coming back! But the circumstances of her return are unclear. Where is George Waldenstein?

2002 Best Young Adult
Tim Wynne-Jones.  The Boy in the Burning House

Trying to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance from their rural Canadian community, fourteen-year-old Jim gets help from the disturbed Ruth Rose, who suspects her stepfather, a local pastor.

2002 Best Juvenile
Lillian Eige.  Dangling

Eleven-year-old Ben recalls his relationship with his unusual friend Ring, who walked into the river and disappeared one day.

2001 Best Young Adult
Elaine Marie Alphin.  Counterfeit Son

When serial killer Hank Miller is killed in a shoot-out with police, his abused son Cameron adopts the identity of one of his father's victims in order to find a better life.

2001 Best Juvenile
Frances O'Roark Dowell.  Dovey Coe

When accused of murder in her North Carolina mountain town in 1928, Dovey Coe, a stronged-willed twelve-year-old girl, comes to a new understanding of others, including her deaf brother.

2000 Best Young Adult
Vivian Vande Velde.  Never Trust a Dead Man

Wrongly convicted of murder and punished by being sealed in the tomb with the dead man, seventeen-year-old Selwyn enlists the help of a witch and the resurrected victim to find the true killer.

2000 Best Juvenile
Elizabeth McDavid Jones.  The Night Flyers

In 1918, caring for her family's homing pigeons while her father is away fighting in World War I, twelve-year-old Pam comes to suspect that a mysterious stranger in her small North Carolina town is a German spy.

1999 Best Young Adult
Nancy Werlin.  The Killer's Cousin

After being acquitted of murder, seventeen-year-old David goes to stay with relatives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he finds himself forced to face his past as he learns more about his strange young cousin Lily.

1999 Best Juvenile
Wendelin Van Draanen.  Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief

Thirteen-year-old Sammy's penchant for speaking her mind gets her in trouble when she involves herself in the investigation of a robbery at the "seedy" hotel across the street from the seniors' building where she is living with her grandmother.

1998 Best Young Adult
Will Hobbs.  Ghost Canoe

Fourteen-year-old Nathan, fishing with the Makah in the Pacific Northwest, finds himself holding a vital clue when a mysterious stranger comes to town looking for Spanish treasure.

1998 Best Juvenile
Barbara Brooks Wallace.  Sparrows in the Scullery

Despite horrible conditions at the boys' home where kidnappers left him, eleven-year-old Colley, an orphan, finds a reason and a way to live, along with comradeship.

1997 Best Young Adult
Willo Davis Roberts.  Twisted Summer

Fourteen-year-old Cici hopes for a romantic summer at the beach but instead finds herself trying to solve a murder which had occurred there the previous year.

1997  Best Juvenile
Dorothy Reynolds Miller.  The Clearing

While spending the summer with her cousins in rural Pennsylvania, eleven-year-old Amanda becomes involved with a long-ago tragedy that has impacted the lives of many local residents.

1996 Best Young Adult
Rob MacGregor.  Prophecy Rock

Will Lansa visits his father, who is the tribal police chief on the Hopi reservation in northern Arizona, and learns about some sacred Hopi traditions while he helps investigate several murders.

1996 Best Juvenile
Nancy Springer.  Looking for Jamie Bridger

Fourteen-year-old Jamie Bridger is determined to find out who her real parents were in spite of opposition from the grandparents who raised her, but her search ends in a bittersweet discovery.

1995 Best Young Adult
Nancy Springer.  Toughing It

Sixteen-year-old Shawn must deal with his loss and anger after witnessing his older brother's murder.

1995 Best Juvenile
Willo Davis Roberts.  The Absolutely True Story...:  How I Visited

Yellowstone Park with the Terrible Rupes   What they thought would be a dream vacation turns into a nightmare for twelve-year-old Lewis and his twin sister Alison, when they accompany their irresponsible new neighbors on a trip to Yellowstone Park and are chased by two mysterious men.

1994 Best Young Adult
Joan Lowery Nixon.  The Name of the Game Was Murder

When she visits her great-uncle, a successful and self-centered author, at his fortress-like home on Catalina Island, fifteen-year-old Samantha becomes involved in his manipulative game that leads to murder.

1994 Best Juvenile
Barbara Brooks Wallace.  The Twin in the Tavern

A young orphan, afraid of being sent to the workhouse, finds himself at the mercy of the unsavory owner of a tavern in Alexandria, Virginia, while he tries to solve the mystery surrounding his past and a missing twin.

1993 Best Young Adult
Chap Reaver.  A Little Bit Dead

In 1876, after interfering with the attempted lynching of a young Yahi Indian named Shanti, eighteen-year-old Reece finds his own life in danger and becomes intimately involved in the future of Shanti's people.

1993 Best Juvenile
Eve Bunting.  Coffin on a Case

Twelve-year-old Henry Coffin, the son of a private investigator, helps a gorgeous high school girl in her dangerous attempt to find her kidnapped mother.

1992 Best Young Adult
Theodore Taylor.  The Weirdo

Seventeen-year-old Chip Clewt fights to save the black bears in the Powhaten National Wildlife Refuge.

1992 Best Juvenile
Betsy Byars.  Wanted...Mud Blossom

Convinced that Mud is responsible for the disappearance of the school hamster that was his responsibility for the weekend, Junior Blossom is determined that the dog should be tried for his "crime."


1991 Best Young Adult
Chap Reaver.  Mote


1991 Best Juvenile
Pam Conrad.  Stonewords

Zoe discovers that her house is occupied by the ghost of an eleven-year-old girl, who carries her back to the day of her death in 1870 to try to alter that tragic event.


1990 Best Young Adult
Alane Ferguson.  Show Me the Evidence

When, after a bizarre series of events, her best friend is accused of murdering her own baby brother and two other babies, Lauren, convinced of her friend's innocence, joins her in trying to solve the mystery and find evidence to clear her name.


1989 Best Young Adult
Sonia Levitin.  Incident at Loring Groves


1989 Best Juvenile
Willo Davis Roberts.  Megan's Island

First eleven-year-old Megan is astonished when her mother insists on taking her and her younger brother up to the lake cottage a week before school is out; then they find mysterious strangers following them.


1988 Best Juvenile
Susan Shreve.  Lucy Forever and Miss Rosetree, Shrinks

Two sixth graders with a pretend psychiatry practice come upon a small mute child from an orphanage and determine they are going to use all their knowledge to help her to talk.

1987 Best Juvenile
Joan Lowery Nixon.  The Other Side of Dark

Seventeen-year-old Stacy awakens from a four-year coma ready to identify, locate, and prosecute the young man who murdered her mother and wounded her.


1986 Best Juvenile
Patricia Windsor.  The Sandman's Eyes

Angry because he was confined in a school for disturbed juveniles for two years after witnessing a murder, upon his release eighteen-year-old Michael seeks to prove his innocence by tracking down the killer only he saw.

1985 Best Juvenile
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  Night Cry

Often left alone on their five-acre Mississippi farm by her traveling-salesman father, Ellen learns, through a terrifying experience, to distinguish between real and false fears.


1984 Best Juvenile
Cynthia Voigt.  The Callendar Papers

In nineteenth-century Massachusetts, orphan Jean, employed to sort out the family papers of a reclusive artist, becomes curious about the mysterious, long-ago death of his wife and the subsequent disappearance of their young child.


1983 Best Juvenile
Robbie Branscum.  The Murder of Hound Dog Bates

When Sassafras Bates finds his dog dead, he suspects that one of his three spinster aunts is the murderer.


1982 Best Juvenile
Norma Fox Mazer.  Taking Terri Mueller

Fourteen-year-old Terri remembers only life with her father, but then she discovers that he kidnapped her from her mother after a divorce and that her mother is still alive.

1981 Best Juvenile
Joan Lowery Nixon.  The Seance

A seance begun as a game when a young girl insists that she can communicate with the dead ends in murder when the lights suddenly go out and one of the participants suddenly vanishes.

1980 Best Juvenile
Joan Lowery Nixon.  The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

A teenage girl is kidnapped, but when freed, is accused of masterminding the scheme to extort money from her wealthy grandmother.


1979 Best Juvenile
Dana Brookins.  Alone in Wolf Hollow


1978 Best Juvenile
Eloise Jarvis McGraw.  A Really Weird Summer

While staying with relatives who live in an old inn, twelve-year-old Nels finds a secret passageway to a part of the building that no longer exists and meets a strange boy whose family is trapped in a leftover pocket of time.


1977 Best Juvenile
Richard Peck.  Are You in the House Alone?

A sixteen-year-old girl with a steady boyfriend suddenly begins receiving threatening phone calls while she is babysitting and anonymous notes in her high school locker.

1976 Best Juvenile
Robert C. O'Brien.  Z for Zachariah

Seemingly the only person left alive after a nuclear war, a sixteen-year-old girl is relieved to see a man arrive into her valley until she realizes that he is a tyrant and she must somehow escape.


1975 Best Juvenile
Jay Bennett.  The Dangling Witness


1974 Best Juvenile
Jay Bennett.  The Long Black Coat

1973 Best Juvenile
Robb White.  Deathwatch

Needing money for school, a college boy accepts a job as guide on a desert hunting trip and nearly loses his life.


1972 Best Juvenile
Joan Aiken.  Nightfall


1970 Best Juvenile
Winfred Finlay.  Danger at Black Dyke

1969 Best Juvenile
Virginia Hamilton.  The House of Dies Drear

A black family of five moves into an enormous house once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves. Mysterious sounds and events as well as the discovery of secret passageways make the family believe they are in grave danger.


1968 Best Juvenile
Gretchen Sprague.  Signpost to Terror


1967 Best Juvenile
Kin Platt.  Sinbad and Me


1966 Best Juvenile
Leon Ware.  The Mystery of 22 East


1965 Best Juvenile
Marcella Thum.  Mystery at Crane's Landing


1964 Best Juvenile
Phyllis A. Whitney.  Mystery of the Hidden Hand


1963 Best Juvenile
Scott Corbett.  Cutlass Island


1962 Best Juvenile
Edward Fenton.  The Phantom of Walkaway Hill


1961 Best Juvenile
Phyllis A. Whitney.  The Mystery of the Haunted Pool