Hans Christian Andersen Award

Every other year IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) presents the Hans Christian Andersen Awards to a living author and illustrator whose complete works have made a lasting contribution to children's literature.


2016 Author
Cao Wenxuan (China)

2016 Illustrator
Rotraut Susanne Berner (Germany)
In the Town All Year 'Round and others

2014 Author
Nahoko Uehashi (Japan)
Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit and others


2014 Illustrator
Roger Mello (Brazil)

  2012 Author
Maria Teresa Andruetto (Argentina)

2012 Illustrator
Peter Sís (Czech Republic)
Madlenka and others

2010 Author
David Almond (United Kingdom)
Clay and others 

2010 Illustrator
Jutta Bauer (Germany)
Bona Nox and others 


2008 Author
Jurg Schubiger (Switzerland)

2008 Illustrator
Roberto Innocenti (Italy)
Erika's Story and others


2006  Author
Margaret Mahy (New Zealand)
The Good Fortunes Gang and others

2006 Illustrator
Wolf Erlbruch (Germany)
Mrs. Meyer, the Bird and others

2004 Author
Martin Waddell (Ireland)
Farmer Duck and others

2004 Illustrator
Max Velthuijs (The Netherlands) 
Frog in Winter and others

2002 Author
Aidan Chambers (United Kingdom)
Postcards from No Man's Land and others

2002 Illustrator
Quentin Blake (United Kingdom)
Tell Me a Picture and others


2000 Author
Ana Maria Machado (Brazil)
Me in the Middle and others

2000 Illustrator
Anthony Browne (United Kingdom)
Willy the Wimp and others

1998 Author
Katherine Paterson (USA)
The Bridge to Terabithia and ​others


1998 Illustrator
Tomi Ungerer (France)
Crictor and​ others


1996 Author
Uri Orlev (Israel)
The Lady with the Hat and others


1996 Illustrator
Klaus Ensikat (Germany)

1994 Author
Michio Mado (Japan)
The Magic Pocket and others


1994 Illustrator
Jorg Muller (Switzerland)
Peter and the Wolf

1992 Author
Virginia Hamilton (USA)
The People Could Fly and others


1992 Illustrator
Kveta Pacovska (Czech Republic)
The Little Flower King and others


1990 Author
Tormod Haugen (Norway)
Keeping Secrets

1990 Illustrator
Lisbeth Zwerger (Austria)
Thumbeline and others


1988 Author
Annie M. G. Schmidt (The Netherlands)


1988 Illlustrator
Dusan Kallay (Czechoslovakia)
December's Travels


1986 Author
Patricia Wrightson (Australia)
The Sugar-Gum Tree and others


1986 Illustrator
Robert Ingpen (Australia)
Shakespeare and others


1984 Author
Christine Nostlinger (Austria)
Fly Away Home

1984 Illustrator
Mitsumasa Anno (Japan)
Anno's Counting Book and others

1982 Author
Lygia Bojunga Nunes (Brazil)
The Companions and others


1982 Illustrator
Zbigniew Rychlicki (Poland)


1980 Author
Bohumil Riha (Czechoslovakia)


1980 Illustrator
Suekichi Akaba (Japan)
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow and others

1978 Author
Paula Fox (USA)
The Slave Dancer and others

1978 Illustrator
Svend Otto S. (Denmark)
The Man Who Kept House and others


1976 Author
Cecil Bodker (Denmark)
Silas and the Black Mare and others



1976 Illustrator
Tatjana Mawrina (USSR)


1974 Author
Maria Gripe (Sweden)
Agnes Cecilia and others


1974 Illustrator
Farshid Mesghali (Iran)

1972 Author
Scott O'Dell (USA)
Island of the Blue Dolphins and others



1972 Illustrator
Ib Spang Olsen (Denmark)


1970 Author
Gianni Rodari (Italy)

1970 Illustrator
Maurice Sendak (USA)
Where the Wild Things Are and others


1968 Author (tie)
James Kruss (Germany)
Johnny Longnose


1968 Author (tie)
Jose Maria Sanches-Silva (Spain)
Marcelino Pan y Vino


1968 Illustrator
Jiri Trnka (Czechoslovakia)

1966 Author
Tove Jansson (Finland)
Moominsummer Madness and others


1966 Illustrator
Alois Carigiet (Switzerland)


1964 Author
Rene Guillot (France)


1962 Author
Meindert DeJong (USA)


1960 Author
Erich Kastner (Germany)

1958 Author
Astrid Lindgren (Sweden)
Pippi Longstocking and others

1956 Author
Eleanor Farjeon (United Kingdom)
Cats Sleep Anywhere and others.